30-before-30 (Month 7)

Holy crap! I just realized it is the 7th. That means that I completely blew by the 5th without even realizing that I was due for a 30-before-30 update! This month just sort of blew by before my eyes, but have no fear, you just get a super special second post today with a (shorter than usual) monthly update!

Note: I didn’t do much proofing of this post, so I apologize for typos! If you spot any, let me know and I’ll fix ’em up!

Item 8: Convince Brother to let me plan his wedding

I’m more of a consultant, but an awesome-sauce consultant for them! I’ve scoped out venues, talked to the venue people, consulted on save-the-dates and printing options, and talked about photography. I would say goal success!

Item 10: Web Development Skills

I’ve got two paying website clients that I’m currently working on, and I’ve got a couple of out-of-the-box Pro Photo themes that I’m designing. This is going super well!

Item 12: Food Photography

It continues to get better every month. I took fewer food pictures this month than I did last month, but I think the quality (and the quality of my food editing) is getting better!

Item 14: Cook something that takes more than one day

So, I haven’t done this yet. But I’m making a Sriracha Pulled Pork—which takes more than one day—this week. Woohoo!

Item 16: Stumble Upon

I think I might trade this goal out for a different social networking goal. Apparently SU has been sort of hit-or-miss lately!

Item 17: Master Film Camera

I’m kicking butt with my new film camera. For last weeks travel tuesday I posted some of the images I took with it in Tigre.

I also took these two images on that same roll as well.

Item 18: Be less afraid

I made huge huge strides on this goal this month. I attended a networking event… by myself. I cold emailed people. I used my network to try to win the Richmond 365 contest. I’m reading a networking book. I’m moving this one along, for real!

Item 20: Workout regime

Running was going well at the beginning of the month and I even ran the Sun Run in about just over 56 minutes! Then I got shin splints. Then my left achilles swelled up. Given where I was in my training before I had to take a couple of weeks slow/off, I can still likely run the Soctiabank Half Marathon in just under 7 weeks. However, I am going to take it slow this time. My last half marathon time was 1:49, so rather than trying for 1:45 (my original goal), I’m aiming for completion (and… if the truth be told… under two hours).

In other fitness, I’ve been going to Bikram Yoga (thanks Groupon, for sending me to the most mentally challenging yoga). I need to take up my TRX again, but I’ll do that once we’re back in our own space!

Item 21: 365 Project

I only missed 2 days this month! Woohoo!

Item 22: Community of Photographers

I’ve started chipping away at this one this month (between coffees, networking events, a facebook group, and emails). I’m really excited about the awesome group of people that are in my industry in my city.

Item 23: Relationships with other vendors

I started this (a bit) at the networking event earlier this month. This is harder and still needs work.

Item 29: Food Posts

I had lots and lots of food posts on the blog this month again! Woohoo!

Item 30: Time in Alberta

One of the upsides of losing the Richmond 365 contest is that I’m actually going to be able to accomplish goal number 30. We’ve booked our tickets home on June 27 and will stay until about July 8! Woohoo!

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