30-before-30 (month 8)

Whoa. Month 8. That means I’m 2/3 of the way through my 29th year (and 98.8% of the way through my first 30 years of life… but who’s counting).

Month 8 was crazy. We moved into our new place. I did projects. I started a new (new) company that I haven’t talked about on this blog yet. I finally discovered what was ailing me and decided to drop out of the Scotiabank Half Marathon. I bought a couch. Then I left for two weeks to go to Vegas (for the first—and quite possibly only—time ever), the desert (where I realized that girls can have too much fun), and San Francisco. I was totally jaw-droppingly inspired at a workshop. I did an all day all over San Francisco shoot. Then I was featured on a wedding blog. And I just got back to Vancouver late Friday night. Since then, I’ve been editing like mad, trolling garage sales, doing a sweet 14-day-old baby shoot, and making hommemade pasta.

It’s been busy.

And I did… ok… against my goals. Not great. Not terrible. OK.

I did cook something that takes more than one day (item 14) (twice, if anyone is asking). I picked up a processed roll of b&w film and realized that I am making strides with my new film camera (item 16), though I really should be shooting more with it. I bought a lot of yoga/bootcamp/etc. groupons but have yet to use them (item 20). I shot all but 2 days for my 365 project (item 21). I actually have started seriously working on my network of photographers (item 22), but not so much of vendors (item 23), nor have I arranged any styled-shoots (item 24), I’m actually sort of outgrowing the idea of styled-shoots, so I might not actually fulfill this goal. I’ve done an okay job of weekly food posts—Oats, Bread, Sriracha Pulled Pork, Energy Bites, (item 29), and finally, I booked a trip home with the hubs for 10 days in early July (item 30).

So. Not bad. Not great. Ok.

But you know what? I’ve added lots of new goals to my list. Bigger goals. Scarier goals. Better goals. So… I’m happy with where I am. I’m happy with where I’m going. And I can’t believe it is only 4 short months until I hit the big 3-0.

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