30-before-30 (Month 9)

Time sure does fly, I can’t believe that I started this 30-before-30 project nine months ago. And even more, I can’t believe that I’ve only got three months to go! I’ve been distracted (really distracted) with weddings, and a new business, and settling in Vancouver so—once again—I didn’t go a great job on my list. Here is a brief run down of how I’m doing:

I’m fully committed to helping my brother plan his wedding—venue, stationary, photography, etc. (item 8), I’ve got a super small web-development business, and have built my first site for a client—check it out—(item 10), I did a pretty good job on my 365 project… until I went to the cabin where I misplaced my phone for a few days (item 21), I’m working on my network of photographers and other wedding vendors (items 22 and 23), though I should be working harder, I’m doing a pretty good job of food blogging—and quite an excellent job of baking—(item 29), and I’m in the middle of spending an amazing 12 days in Alberta with my friends and family (item 30).

As I mentioned last month, over the course of a year, priorities change. Next month I might do a full on re-evaluation of these goals, so that I don’t feel terribly guilty on my birthday if I’ve done a poor job on several. We shall see. Overall, though, I’ve had a wonderful month. I’m excited about where life is going, and turning 30… well I’m not afraid of it anymore.

Image from the I Am Project, found on Pinterest.

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