Three Hundred!!

Guys! This is my 300th blog post. So, let me tell you some random things. Then tomorrow I’ll tell you about how I made our new barnwood desks.

A Random Number of Things in Celebration of Blog Post Number 300.

  • Last night I made the most delicious pizza ever with a homemade crust, traditional pizza sauce, thinly sliced farm box zucchini, farm box cauliflower roasted (with garlic & lemon, thanks for the suggestion, Jenn!), farm box cherry tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. Who would have thought this would make the most delicious pizza ever?
  • I’m swimming in tax forms as I work on the most tedious part (for me) of our new tax software start up. Yesterday I sang the U.G.L.Y cheer to an ugly form. Then How Bizzare by OMG came on Songza as I was working on a weird form. At which point I sang that song to my computer. The whole song.
  • This song came on Songza two days ago, and I’m pretty sure it’s my new favourite song. You can get it here.
  • Speaking of favourite songs, yesterday I realized that my all time favourite song is Stay by Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories, and my all time second favourite song is Torn by Natalie Imbruglia. Both of these songs are creeping up to their 20th birthdays. But I can sing them like a boss.
  • I made these cute little polaroid magnets a few days ago. When I do an “office reveal” I’ll share them with you. They are cute.
  • I bought a new (used) globe. I might be developing a globe problem.
  • My favourite breakfast is oatmeal, but not in the summer. In the summer I’m all about cereal.
  • Every morning I wake up and putter about our home like an old man.
  • My husband and I work at side-by-side desks. We are both on computer mode right now, so we sit beside each other for 16 hours a day. We’re basically side-by-side for 24 hours a day right.
  • Asia Miles is the worst rewards program ever. You earn lots of miles. But it is next to impossible to redeem them. Lame.
  • The CapitalOne mastercard that I complained about so heartily in this post, is actually really really good domestically. It’s so easy to redeem points and you earn them really fast. We just got free flights to Costa Rica in ONE CLICK. Free. CapitalOne pays for fees and taxes and everything. (It’s a points per dollar system). You book your flights on your own, then go into the rewards centre and click “apply points to travel”. That is all. I’m a little obsessed. Also – the flights were a great price, so we used less points that we would have to otherwise. And we EARNED POINTS on the flights we got for free. All good things. So maybe I take back a bit of my ranting.
  • That Gotye song just came on. This video made me laugh.

And there you have it: A Random Number of Things in Celebration of Blog Post Number 300.

4 Replies to “Three Hundred!!”

  1. I totally invited you to participate in Capture the Color in my post where I said everyone should play. Consider that a personal invitation – can’t wait to see your photos!

  2. Hi Allison!

    I like your 30 before 30 idea, so sometimes I check out your blog to see how it’s going. Made my own list but it’s more like 42 before … whenever.

    Anyway, you might try to convert your Asia miles to Aeroplan. Worked a treat for me!

    1. Hmmm… I remember replying to your comment, but seem to have failed to press “ok”. I’m actually really excited about my post-30-before-30 list, it’s going to be much more similar to what I’m sure yours looks like! It’s going to be a random number. It’s going to have the big things (go to India! have a family!) and the little things (build a headboard). It’s going to be (somewhat) malleable if my interests change. So I’m pretty excited.

      Also— is a great idea for those miles. I usually don’t like it because of their brutal commissions, but in this case it will make unusable points usable! Woohoo! Thanks!

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