the other side of the office

Several weeks ago I talked about the pretty new handmade barnwood desks in our office.

But I didn’t show you what the rest of the office is looking like. I completed the entire office redecoration project while the hubs was out of town at a wedding in mid-August. When he got home, we had undergone a big transformation.

I love the other side of the office.

The third desk is for the two days a week Justin, our code overlord at SimpleTax, comes to work from our place. We’ve got handy things like a fan and a whiteboard (made from a free glass Ikea tabletop I found on craigslist). Our free craigslist couch lives over here. As does some art made out of old school maps donated to me by my mother-in-law, a $9.99 globe from the Salvation Army, and some paint chip art.

I love it.

Considering we spend so much time up here, that’s a good thing!

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