something more

Most of my readers started following this blog when I was a full-time tax lawyer, part-time wedding photographer, and was posting photography, cooking, decorating, and diy ideas from my apartment in Toronto. Then in October I got all “goals-oriented” on you with my 30-before-30 list. And then, boom, in November I announced that I was


I’m back!  The move went as well as could have been hoped for and we’ve been buzzing around Edmonton and Lloydminster at about a million miles an hour!  Things will be pretty light around the blog for the next couple of weeks, but today I want to talk about this year’s wrapping.  I’m obsessed with


Hi friends!  We’ve packed up our apartment, today is my last day of work, the movers come tomorrow and we get on a plane on Friday and don’t come back to Toronto until who knows when!  So.  I’m taking a blog-cation.  A week will give me time to move, catch up on some photography sessions that

adventure awaits

I know you know that there are big things a-brewing in Allison-Suter land. Beautiful things, exciting things, adventurous things! Today, I’m so excited to tell the world (or at least that little part of the world that reads my blog!) of our big, beautiful brilliant, life-changing plans! 29 sleeps from now, on December 15, 2011,