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Hi there and welcome; I’m glad you stopped by! I’m Allison Suter. There are other Allison Suters out there… but I am this Allison Suter, this Allison Suter, and this Allison Suter.

In five six words:
Entrepreneur. Photographer. Blogger. Traveller. Food Lover.

In more than five words:
I hail from Edmonton and have lived all over Canada, and in Paris, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires.

In December 2011, I left my career as a tax lawyer to become a photographer. In May 2012, I realized that I missed tax (who misses tax), and along with my husband and a technical founder, started a company that makes the best personal tax filing software in Canada. Though being an entrepreneur is a little bit like living on a life-long roller-coaster, it is also incredibly rewarding and I am so happy to be living my dream.

I love to travel. I’ve been to all 7 continents—yup, including Antarctica, where a baby penguin jumped on my lap.

I love food. Some of my most vivid memories from my travels are of food: thai fusion pizza in South Africa, street hot pot in Chongqing, 6am sushi at the Tokyo fish market, and the unexpected perfect chocolate cake in Zanzibar.

In my “spare time”, I’m a dreamer and a do-er of things. I dream of future travels, home improvement projects, food I will eat, having my own darkroom, and living on in a beach hut in Thailand. Then I take on as many of these projects as I can.

These projects include my 30-before-30 project, which I started on my 29th birthday and finished on October 5, 2012. The project included various goals like: start project the rest of my life, cook something that takes more than one day, and find a friend with a sail boat who will teach me how to sail, so one day I can disappear and sail around the world. You can read about how it all went down on this page, or check out my monthly updates here.

I’m married to a great guy who is not only my husband, and my best friend, but also my business partner. Oh, and he’s cute too. We don’t have any babies, or pets, or plants (though we are hoping to get some plants in our new place.)

As the name of this blog suggests, I write mostly about things that I have lived and things that I have loved. Like food (can you live food?), adventures, projects, photo shoots, books I’m reading, and maybe even (if you beg and plead) some little bits of tax law. I also sometimes blog about things I’ve lived and haven’t loved too… but that’s not to often.

So, thanks again for stopping by! I’ve listed some of my favourite posts on my “New Here?” page, or you can use the menu links above—or the search bar to your right—to find whatever you are looking for!



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  1. Hi,
    I am a collector of labels and beer caps from exotic countries. I am interested in Central America, South America, Asia and Oceania. Since you’ve visited all continents I wanted to ask if you have any free labels or beer caps from such countries. I would buy or exchange if I had something that interested you.
    In case of purchase I will also cover the shipping costs.
    Best regards

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