DIY: Hand-knit Hudson’s Bay Baby Blanket

The next four posts are some of my favourite DIY projects I’ve been up to for the baby. Having a baby basically gives you free realm to DIY stuff, pretty awesome! My very favourite project: my homemade Hudson’s Bay Blanket. Yup, starting in about April I learned how to knit. Because guys, it’s baby season.

diy tissue paper flowers

Happy August ya’ll! While some of you might lament the passing summer, I’m excited because after August comes September. And September is when the next iPhone is rumoured to be announced/released! See you later crappy-camera-super-slow iPhone 3Gs (also, #firstworldproblems)! But I digress. I’m in the midst of writing a soul-baring post since it’s been awhile

mini project :: coasters

Last June (…the 2011 June…) I posted about my very first Pinterest inspired craft: coasters! That was just a sneak peak and I promised I’d put a tutorial up soon. Unfortunately, in some France-induced excitement last summer, I deleted my memory card and lost all the step-by-step images. But, never fear… yesterday I undertook project