DIY: Dribble (Bandana) Bibs

I was inspired to make these dribble/bandana bibs because my cousin’s son always looks so adorable in his! I just figured that rather than buy them, I would make them myself! Googling “DIY Dribble Bib” brought up about a zillion patterns, I chose the Bundles and Buttons one. Instead of sewing on straps or velcro (like a sucker) I bought Babyville Boutique snap pliers and snaps, which made my life about a zillion times easier. I got these when they were 50% off at Joann’s. At full price, they might not have been worth it. At 50% off, they were a steal; especially since I’ve been making these like crazy as gifts for people!

Find the pattern: here


  • I bought both diaper flannel and micro terry (which no longer seems to be available at for the back side. The diaper fleece was easier to work with, but I prefer the micro terry and would go that way in the future! See how soft it is in that bottom picture?
  • I was tempted not to do the top stitch (I made about 20 of these and was getting tired of sewing). Then I top stitched one for a test and it was glorious. It only took a minute or two per bib and really changed the way they look!

Fabrics: whales, raindrops, stripes, french words.

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