DIY: Embroidery Hoop & Star Mobile

You got a bit of a sneak peak of this mobile a few days ago, but here’s the close ups! Since the baby is going to live in our room for the first several months, I wanted a mobile that we would also like to look at. I’m loving how it turned out!


I don’t think the baby gets a bad view, either! Since the stars are super light cardstock, they move slowly all the time!

Inspiration: Straws, Hippos, and Minis

How I did it:

  • Attached my mobile hoops to one another with white coloured thread. I tried the fishing wire and glue outlined in the inspiration post, but it didn’t work for me. The thread was super tedious; I just used quadruple knots, but getting the length right took forever.
  • Bought sparkly black and white cardstock and a star shaped cookie cutter. Cut out a zillion stars (twice as many black as white, since our walls are white)
  • Sewed four stars together with thread loops seperating them. I used about a 2.5mm zigzag stitch, because I thought it looked cute on the stars. I varied this step a lot so my hanging stars would be all different lengths. It sort of killed me to go in without a good idea of how long I was planning on making these, but it ended up working out!
  • Hung the mobile, hung the stars from the mobile, watched it in awe.

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