DIY: Hand-knit Hudson’s Bay Baby Blanket

The next four posts are some of my favourite DIY projects I’ve been up to for the baby. Having a baby basically gives you free realm to DIY stuff, pretty awesome!

My very favourite project: my homemade Hudson’s Bay Blanket. Yup, starting in about April I learned how to knit. Because guys, it’s baby season. All my best friends are having babies, which means lots of knitting. And then I got pregnant and needed to knit a blanket for our baby too! I chose the Bay blanket for our baby because I love it’s rustic Canadiana. And I love the colours. And I love that it’s gender neutral. This blanket was knit all over the place: at home in Vancouver, in Edmonton, in Singapore, in Bali, and in Ontario. So, it’s been on adventures!

Is it perfect? No. But that’s part of the charm!


Inspiration and instructions: The Purl Bee
Tips and notes: I used acrylic yarn from Michael’s, it’s was a-ok and now I don’t need to worry about spit up, and the blanket being dragged through the dirt, and all the other wonderful things that are in store (I hope) for this blanket!

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