barnwood desks (sneak peek)

This week has been crazy. I’m tagging our Canadian tax software like crazy. I had a full day wedding out in Fort Langley on Saturday. And I spent all day Sunday redecorating the office and constructing barnwood desks (barnwood sourced from an old shelving unit I bought from an awesome craigslist seller for $40). A

mini project :: coasters

Last June (…the 2011 June…) I posted about my very first Pinterest inspired craft: coasters! That was just a sneak peak and I promised I’d put a tutorial up soon. Unfortunately, in some France-induced excitement last summer, I deleted my memory card and lost all the step-by-step images. But, never fear… yesterday I undertook project


I’m back!  The move went as well as could have been hoped for and we’ve been buzzing around Edmonton and Lloydminster at about a million miles an hour!  Things will be pretty light around the blog for the next couple of weeks, but today I want to talk about this year’s wrapping.  I’m obsessed with