Mini Project :: Yellow Chair

We have medium-sized renter plans for our kitchen (which I showed you for the first time a couple of weeks ago). The colour is going to change. The table is going white. We are doing mis-matched colourful chairs.

The first such chair is the white one you see in the picture. This chair was free (left by the prior renters) and I was terribly excited to make it our own. Like last week’s mini-project (necklace hangers), this project was made super quick and easy through the use of spray paint. Three super light coats, 24 hours of drying time, two coats of polyacrylic (sanding with a superfine sandpaper in-between), a few more hours of drying time, and we had ourselves a cute and bright yellow chair!

Now to find three more free or less than $10 wooden chairs (I’ve got the orange, green and blue spray paints ready to go), the time to paint the kitchen table white, and the time to paint the walls a neutral. Then we’ll have ourselves a kitchen!

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  1. I love your DIY projects! Keep ’em coming lady! Hope you’re having fun getting settled in and making your new house a home! :)

    1. Yay! Thanks! I’m hoping to do something outside with a palette this week, though I’m a little worried the weather might not cooperate… I’ve been lucky, I’ve been in Vegas, La Quinta and SF, where it has been beautiful for the last two weeks!

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