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Every once in awhile you just need some inspiration. For me such inspiration regularly comes from the internet (pinterest, blog posts, random browsing, facebook), from spending time with friends, from photo walks, from magazines, from a sunset, from lots of places, but yesterday I realized there is so much more. I attended a photography workshop here in San Francisco and got so inspired that my brain almost exploded. It helped shape the way I view light and contrast. Fer Juaristi (one of my favourite artistic photographers) made me realize that I really should be doing my own thing. I don’t need to do what everyone else is doing to succeed.

I got reenergized in my businesses and my art. I feel more focused today. I feel like I have a better sense of where I want to go. With our move back to Canada from Buenos Aires, our relocation to the west coast, living with friends for a month, moving into a place that needs some serious work, my ankle issues, re-learning how to live in a budget, and my involvement in an awesome tax software project with my husband and another friend, I lost my direction. But I got back onto my path yesterday. I’m excited. I’m doing something special. Maybe not to everyone… but certainly to my clients. And certainly to me.

The following frame is a frame from the mid-afternoon engagement session yesterday. This pose was set up by Fer, but I took it a totally different direction from his frame, and I love the result. This is the kind of photography I want to be doing. And I think I’m moving in that direction.

I’ve also posted this frame over on Allison Suter Photography (if you follow both, I apologize for the duplication). I just love it!

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