paper flowers

Happy Monday friends! This is my third last “Monday” for the indefinite future. Or, I guess every day will be a Monday, depending on my mood! Given my waking up at 5:30 everyday in the last week, including weekends, because I am SO.EXCITED.ABOUT.LIFE I tend towards the no days will feel like Mondays. At least at first!

But, that is neither here nor there. The plan for the blog today was a craft tutorial. Yes… I’m crafty. Or at least I try to be :)

So, a few weeks ago I got my craft on and decided to make some paper flowers. I was inspired by pinterest, where else? (Inspiration here, here and here, among many, many others). And I thought that these flowers would look super cute if I made them with maps (I’m a little obsessed). I also thought this would be a super fun tutorial. And boy, would it ever had been. I took such good and detailed tutorial pictures, I even had the hubs in on the action, photographing as I was crafting – much to his “delight”. It was sweet.

Unfortunately, in my excitement while in San Francisco shooting this wedding, I reformated all my memory cards (in case you can’t see where this is going, let me make it painfully obvious… I did that reformatting BEFORE downloading my tutorial images). Then I filled the cards up with the new images. In other words, I managed to delete all my tutorial pictures. Oops.

Aside: this is why I immediately download images from photoshoots, clearly I’m not bright enough to manage otherwise.

But, then I said “what the heck.” I’ll share a picture instead of the tutorial. I’ll send you to tutorials where I found them (and really, the big flowers are much, much nicer by the original artist anyway). So, feast your eyes on some sweet map flowers. And then go here and/or here, respectively, for sweet tutorials if you feel like getting your craft on!

Note: The flower on the left, super easy, super fast, super cute. The flower on the left, super time consuming, not super easy, and almost cute. I think I know what type of paper flower I’ll be sticking to in the future…

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