man-cave art :: beer labels

So, this project didn’t start out specifically as a man cave project. However, in the end, that is what it turned out being… and I pretty much love it. You can’t really make beer labels ethereal, can you?

I did this project on the same day that I did project coasters take 2, because it required mostly the same supplies. Including more beer labels from our stash of beer-labels-from-around-the-world.

This project was a bit finicky (specifically step 5), but in the end I’m quite happy with how it turned out. If I ever get another collection of beer labels from around the world, I probably wouldn’t paint the canvas black, but otherwise I would follow the same steps!

So, what did I do?

Step 1: I figured out the size canvas I would need and acquired said canvas (The 16×20 canvas cost $4.99 from DeSerres. For real).
Step 2: I painted the canvas black with paint left behind from previous tenants ($0).
Step 3: I laid out beer labels on the table in various formations until I found one I liked. (Cost of beer labels either free or varies, depends on how you look at it. I call them $0—I would have had that beer anyway!)
Step 4: I laid out beer labels on the canvas until I perfected the layout.
Step 5: And here’s where it got a little finicky: I Mod Podged below and above each label to secure it to the canvas. (I’m going to warn you now, things will get ugly. Your labels might bubble, and they certainly won’t stay in the perfectly perfect spot in which you laid them out… and you may start cursing. Try to be patient…. Al.)
Steps 6 & 7: I then applied 2 more coats of Mod Podge, 15-20 minutes apart. And that was that.

And this was how it was looking after the final coat of Mod Podge.

Pretty freaking cool if I do say so myself. One of my favourite things about it is that my favourite labels (Safari and Tusker, as you know from my DIY coasters) really pop as well.

It’s a little man-cave-y, to be sure. But it is art made of beer labels: it inherently oozes testosterone. And it is also awesome. Every time I look at it, I’m reminded of all the places we’ve had the opportunity to sit, soak in the atmosphere, and enjoy a beer (or several).

Right now the canvas is making the rounds around our little home, trying to find a home (since we don’t currently have a man cave). It currently lives up above the kitchen cabinets, where we can see it from the couch. But don’t worry, I’ll be sure to update you when we find it somewhere permanent!

Have you ever made crafts out of beer labels or other things you’ve collected in your travels?

4 Replies to “man-cave art :: beer labels”

  1. My brother is a serious beer aficionado and also incredibly hard to buy for. I might need to go rogue and get my hands on some of his beer labels and make him something like this. It’s too cool!

    1. That would be a pretty sweet gift! Unless you were caught in the act while going rogue and couldn’t proffer a comprehensible explanation. And yes, I just wrote “proffer a comprehensible explanation” on my blog. Wow. Maybe I need to take a break :)

  2. Hi there! We met a couple of weeks ago in Vancouver – at that awesome Izakaya where my husband and I were the only ones at the table not with your group! Glad to have found you online. :-) (I am a big fan of Tusker, personally…)

    1. Hi Jessie! I hope the rest of your time in Vancouver/Seattle was awesome! Love your blog! I’ll be in touch for your when I’m in your neck o’ the woods!

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