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We got married on January 2, 2010, I loved our wedding, it was the best wedding ever.  Ok, I’m pretty sure that is how everyone feels about their own wedding… but for real, ours was the best wedding ever.  Since I didn’t have a personal blog during the wedding planning process, I’ve decided I’m going to belatedly post some of our wedding details – this will be very fun for me, and I hope that it will be fun for you too!

This “series” (I use that word loosely) of posts is also intended to inspire other brides. When I was planning our winter wedding, I knew there was so much potential, but the internet was chock full of with red-and-green or new-years-themed winter weddings, which weren’t really my cup of tea. This particular post, however, has nothing much to do with the “winter” aspect of our wedding, and all to do with the invitations. The “story” type invitations! So you’ll have to check back in the future for wintery decor ideas!

In order to save some money, we decided to diy our invitations.  This was a ton of work, but I think we ended up with an awesome final product.  So so so much credit goes to the hubs, his awesome eye for design, and his sweet photoshop skills. So much credit also goes to Jill + Matt’s famous wedding invitation, which was the inspiration for ours.

More information after the image.

The invitation arrived in one package that consisted of three main pieces:

  • The main piece. This was the “story” part of the invitation (on ivory cardstock) mounted onto a piece of silver cardstock. The back side of the silver cardstock was folded into a pocket.
  • The slider. This was the “official” invitation, it was tucked away behind the “story” part and was to be slid out.*
  • The information insert. This was inserted into the back pocket. The front side of the insert had rsvp, hotel, time, and travel info, while the back side of the insert had a funky map.

*Unfortunately, the hubs did not heed my sage advice that the right most side of the slider say “pull here” (instead it said “two thousand and ten”).  *Some* of our highly educated guests (you know who you are ….) didn’t realize that the slider was in fact a slider, which caused enough confusion that it formed the whole basis of a speech at our wedding.  But, I was ok with that, and this has provided me with so very many “I told you so” moments over the last year and a bit :)

The final result:

The front.
The back pocket.

So, despite the slider debacale, and despite the fact that the invites were an incredible amount of work, I was really happy with how they turned out! Any more questions? Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email, I love wedding planning!

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