vegetable tortellini soup

A super quick post this morning to shout to to a seriously amazing vegetable tortellini soup I made last night. A few weeks ago I came across the recipe at Sing For Your Supper, and last night (with all the slushy, rainy, windy, horribleness we had going on here in Toronto) was the perfect night to try it.  I totally forgot to take pictures, so here is one from the original source:

Source: Sing For Your Supper. My soup looked very similar, but with tri-colour tortellini.

This soup was really really good. It was super easy to make, and was delicious. And it was hearty. And it was warm.   It does take a bit of time to cook (as most good soups do) so start cooking this one a little more than an hour before you want to eat.  This recipe made enough for two of us to eat big, dinner sized bowls of soup, and will be enough for one lunch.

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  1. Ooh, I love this recipe!

    I went through a phase a few years back of making this all the time, but for some reason I’d completely forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder, I’m soo going to make this next week now :)

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