[Oops:  In originally writing this post, I counted 12 countries twice.  If you’ve come back wondering why this is now “fifty-two” instead of “sixty-four” there your have it!  Chalk it up to first post jitters!]

In my 28 years on earth I have been to 52 countries. Sometimes I surprise even myself. When I wrote out this list this evening, I expected it to be about 40, or maybe 45. Somehow, the number got to 52. Travel-bug anyone?

So how much time have I actually spent there: I’ve spent years in only one of these countries, I spent months in a handful, I’ve spent weeks in several, and some, I’ve barely even scratched the surface. Over the life of this blog, I’ll get into more details about some of these amazing adventures. But for now… check out the picture and/or the list.

Travels with my parents or school while growing up

  • Canada
  • USA
  • Barbados
  • Mexico
  • England
  • France
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Bermuda
  • Tunisia
  • Germany (but only for a day)
  • Hong Kong, SAR
  • Thailand

Exchange to Hong Kong (2004)

  • (Hong Kong again)
  • China
  • (Thailand again)

Caribbean Beach Holidays

  • Venezuela
  • Dominican Republic
  • (Mexico again)
  • Antigua

Around the World I – solo (2004)

  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • (Thailand again)
  • Egypt
  • Bulgaria
  • Romania
  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • Slovakia (but only for a day)
  • The Cezch Republic
  • The Netherlands
  • (France again)

Pre-Law School Adventure – with the hubs

  • (China again)
  • Laos
  • (Thailand again)
  • (Hong Kong again)

Around the World II – with the hubs

  • (Canada again)
  • UAE
  • Jordan
  • (Turkey again)
  • (Greece again)
  • Albania
  • Montenegro
  • Croatia
  • (England again)
  • Mauritius
  • South Africa
  • Swaziland
  • Namibia
  • Botswana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zambia
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • (Hong Kong again)
  • Japan
  • (Australia again)
  • New Zeland
  • Chile (including Easter Island)
  • Peru
  • Boliva
  • Argentina
  • Brazil

I know it seems like a lot. But there are still so many places I’m dying to go.

Places on the “top” of my list, in no particular order except number 1:

  1. Antartica
  2. Tahiti
  3. India
  4. Nepal
  5. Syria
  6. Iran
  7. Israel
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Mali
  10. Costa Rica
  11. Nicaragua
  12. Colombia
  13. Spain
  14. Portugal
  15. Morocco
  16. Iceland
  17. Sweden
  18. Russia
  19. Mongolia
  20. Burma
  21. The Philippines
  22. Indonesia
  23. The Maldives

Oh world.  Why are you so big?!

3 Replies to “fifty-two”

  1. You’ve been to so many amazing places!! I love that Syria, Iran, Ethiopia, Mali, and Burma are on your ‘still-want-to-visit’ list, too! Those are some of my dream destinations as well. And you would so love India – it’s the most incredible place. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes make the country a nonstop feast for the senses, filled with the electricity of life being lived…

    Also, I love the last line of your post! If it were smaller, though, it would be much easier to go everywhere, and then travel wouldn’t feel like such a unique and special experience. (But I know exactly what you mean!)

    1. I think that Antarctica, then India, Nepal, Tibet, SW China (again), Burma and Indonesia are on our short term list! We’ll wait till the middle east calms down for Syria for sure. Expect an email for India advice!

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