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It’s a testament to my attitude these days, when one of the very first posts on my new blog lists some recent sweet Etsy finds. I love Etsy. I spend much to much time “rummaging” around trying to find the gems that speak to me. Several weeks ago, I came across this print by January Jones City Prints.

I immediately fell in love with it and tried to figure out how I could incorporate it into my current decor.  The first option would have entailed getting the print in red or black, to match our current decor.  The problem is, I’m quickly getting over the red and don’t forsee much red in my future.  I also don’t love thought of my beachy print in red.  So option 1 was out.  That left option 2.  Wait until I get the chance to redecorate.   As you will find out in the coming months, the redecoration plan is always in the back of my mind.  Whether or not we’ve just finished redecorating.  We’re thinking about staying, we’re thinking about moving, and I’m not quite ready to commit to redecoration.  Which would mean that my beautiful January Jones City Print would be on hiatus.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday I had an epiphany.  You’re going to have to wait and see, but it’s amazing.  Yay!

So as I’ve been mulling over option 1 and option 2 for the past several months, I’ve also been roaming etsy for other fabulous prints.  Who needs big bucks to have lots of art?  Not me, I say.  I’ve added innumerable prints to my favorites and then, this week, I found this.

I’m in love.  It brought together all of my favorite prints so seamlessly.  I think it’s a step towards my new color palate for my home (provided I can get the hubs onside).  To see just how perfectly it works with things I love, check out my very first treasury list: walls.

Check it out, and buy stuff from those vendors.  I’m not getting any kickbacks if you do, but boy do I want them to be going strong when I start getting serious about redecorating!

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