winter in toronto

If you’ve checked out the “about me” page on the blog, you know that I am an aspiring photographer. In the last 14 months I feel like I’ve really started to come into my own as a portrait photographer; as soon as I have a subject in front of my camera, I relax and I get to work. Where I still struggle is landscape photography. My landscape photos are always so … boring … or something. So, I’m challenging myself as an artist to get out there and get photographing stuff, even if I don’t have people in front of my camera.

Saturday morning was beautiful in Toronto. I met up with Kirstin + Hal, two super cute actors, to do a couples shoot. We met near the pedestrian bridge over the Humber River on the lakeshore in Toronto. You can check out the animated gif teaser from their shoot right here.  Throughout the shoot, I challenged myself to take some “people free” shots as the winter landscape was AMAZING.

[Ed. I don’t know what is going on with my logo.  I’ll fix it for the next photo post!]

winter-in-toronto 003

winter-in-toronto 002

winter-in-toronto 001

Any thoughts?

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