steak + bacon

My sister in law Debbie is a fabulous cook; her salads are seriously amazing. She is also a wonderful person. Shortly after the hubs and I announced we were getting married, Debbie started on a project, which resulted in what was far and away our most thoughtful wedding present.*

*Thoughtful wedding presents can be great… provided 1) you know the couple will love them (a la giraffe that wasn’t — a story for another day) or 2) they aren’t an item “for the home”… save those for the showers. People register for a reason. No one needs two toasters.

Debbie spent the better part of the year creating a cookbook for us, and “Fabulous Favourites: A Selection of Deb’s Favourite Recipes” was born. The cookbook is amazing, it includes drinks, appetizers, soups, salads and deserts. Debbie didn’t just create a cookbook. She also prepared and photographed* almost every recipe in the book. Delicious.

*Photographs actually taken by my brother-in-law and nephew (I think).

Throughout the last 13 months, I have had the opportunity to make several recipes from the cookbook. And it is the gift that just keeps on giving, there are still several more to try, but I have found the best one.

The first time I made it, the hubs looked at me with wide eyes upon his first bite and muttered “why have we ever eaten anything else”. It’s that good.

Vegetarians and vegans, run away in fear, as this salad contains steak. It also contains bacon. It also has mushrooms that are sautéed in bacon grease.

warm steak salad 006

The result is nothing short of amazing.

warm steak salad 007

And it couples really well with a couple of pieces of fresh beer bread on the side!

warm steak salad 008

I’ll publish Deb’s recipe (and my modifications) here, but if you are dying for more of Deb’s delicious recipes, you can order your very own copy of “Fabulous Favourites: A Selection of Deb’s Favourite Recipesright here.

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