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I’ve got five (five!!) awesome things to share with you, on this week’s round up of my favorite things on the internet!  And on top of the five official things I’m sharing, I’ve also posted to five bonus things!  So, if you can find all the bonus links, there are a total of ten (ten!!) awesome little pieces of the internet for your Sunday afternoon viewing and reading pleasure!

Aside: The hubs always tells me I use too many exclamation marks.  What do you think?  I think they make my writing sound like the way I talk.

Anyway, without further ado here we go!

First up “5 Days of Free” by Rob + Lauren‘s new-ish venture, Photography Concentrate.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned Rob + Lauren yet on this blog, so you probably don’t know that I’m in love with them.  Like a lot.  They are exceedingly talented photographers, they are the world’s nicest people, and now they are sharing their knowledge.  They have a couple of amazing products, including Super Photo Editing Skills, the predecessor to which has saved me so many hours and allows me to be a part time photographer and full time lawyer.  I haven’t yet had the chance to watch the updated version, but I can’t imagine it is anything less than amazing.  So why am I featuring them this week?  Well, every single day this past week, they gave away something for free!  These giveaways included a super inspiring ebook, lightroom presets, keyboard shortcuts, album templates, and if you are a newsletter subscriber, inspiring posters!  Yay!  Go check it out!

Through the magical world of social media, I discovered Lauren’s (of Rob + Lauren, above) sister’s food blog, “Food Happy” and it just so happened that my favorite food post on the internet this week came from there!  What a small, and sort of weird, and marginally creepy social world it is!  Not only is Stephanie’s blog full of delicious recipes but, not so surprisingly, it is easy on the eyes.  The only thing it needs is a “print-this” type plugin, then it will be perfect!  Oh, and try these Kale chips.  Yum!  I served them on Friday night as an appetizer to  Smitten Kitchen’s mushroom lasagna (also amazingly amazing) and they were a big hit!

Right now I am super into the look of painted furniture.  It is all the rage on the internet — this causes me to wonder what came first, the chicken or the egg.  Hmm.  Anyways, this post, in all its glory, aggregates some awesome inspiration from around the interwebs.  Eye candy to the max.

For my travel post this week, I feature the “dark side” of backpackers.  It’s not really a happy thing to talk about, but this post is a concise summary of some of the problems with backpacker culture.

[Begin Rant] I have to say, I’m a big backpacker snob.  I hate stereotypical backpackers – the ones in the clown pants – they just bug me.  They bug the hub’s too.  Check out his well written post from a couple of years ago about those backpackers in the clown pants.  I mean seriously… would you wear that at home?  I appreciate that this is also bad and closed minded view point, and that there are probably some nice stereotypical backpackers out there.  But I have to say, in my 20 or so months of long term travel I never made a deep connection with someone in clown pants.  [End Rant]

In any event, Ayngelina’s post fits into a current theme in the travel blog community highlighting travel issues, and sort of reminiscent of Jon’s old post.  If you are a backpacker, or interested in the backpacker culture, it is food for thought and makes for some interesting, if not a little sad, reading.

Last but not least… a bonus post!  Ashley is giving away a Diana Mini, 2 Megan Miller polishes, and a Domo.  And, if I blog about it, I get an extra entry to win… So here you go!  Go on over to her site, and check it out!

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  1. Wow so honoured to be included in your list. I knew it was going to be a controversial post where I judged others for how they traveled but the longer I am on the road (currently 11 months) the less patience I have for people who simply drop in a country to drink and never experience the local culture.

    These other sites look really interesting, will have to check them out.

    1. I think there are a ton of like mattered backpackers/travelers out there, I just thinks it’s hard to find us, especially in culturally diverse places like Europe, or BA or Rio!

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