green bean+barley salad

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And now to the meat vegetables of the post (it is a vegetarian salad, after all).  It’s that time again folks!  Time for another delicious recipe from my sister-in-law Debbie’s amazing cookbook.  Lots of you have told me you are fans of Debbie’s steak and mushroom salad, and who wouldn’t be?  It has steak, it has mushrooms, and most importantly… it has bacon.  But, as the weather gets warmer and we start worrying about our bikini (or board shorts, or speedo, whatever) bodies, maybe a salad that includes bacon-fat fried mushrooms isn’t quite the best thing to eat.  So today I present Debbie’s Green Bean and Barley Salad.  An (almost*) equally as delicious, vegetarian (but not vegan) friendly, and much much healthier, alternative.

*Seriously guys, there is no steak, or bacon or bacon-fat fried mushrooms in this one, it’s never going to beat out the other guy in a race to delicious.  But it is still pretty darn amazing.

031127 Green Bean and Barley Salad 010

The hubs and I eat this salad as a warm meal unto itself, but it would be just as tasty chilled at a picnic.  Or as a supporting dish at dinner. It’s seriously yummy.

031127 Green Bean and Barley Salad 013

This is because it gets its flavour from delicious things:

031127 Green Bean and Barley Salad 003

Part of what makes it so yummy is barley.  I love barley.  Ever since I was a little kid and my grandma’s chicken soup included barley I’ve been a big fan.  But only recently have I come to realize just how versatile it is.  I always have a big (2 kg/4 lb) bag of barely in my cupboard, because who knows when the barley urge will strike!

031127 Green Bean and Barley Salad 001

I also love green beans.  Is there a more prefect vegetable?  Other than asparagus, I’m not sure there is.

031127 Green Bean and Barley Salad 002

So go off and get cooking friends, you won’t be disappointed!

031127 Green Bean and Barley Salad 008

PS – Go here to buy Debbie’s cookbook for more delicious recipes.  Just do it.  You know you want to.

031127 Green Bean and Barley Salad 011

We followed up dinner with our favorite macarons from Lemon Tree Patisserie.  Y.U.M.

031127 Green Bean and Barley Salad 006

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Allison! (And I hope I didn’t break your Friend Connect, haha!)

    This recipe looks incredible! Any salad that includes green beans, garlic, thyme, AND arugula – which gets my vote for most delicious leafy green – has to be something special. Next time I have a special event or potluck to cook for, I think I’ll try this!

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