As if we never said goodbye!

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In August 2008 I quit coffee. Not only coffee, I actually quit most caffeine. When I mention this, everyone always asks “why”. And there were a lot of reasons, some of which include: I was on my way to Africa, where I was worried about only finding instant coffee; I was already going to have brutal jetlag so I would already be in wacky withdrawal land; I was a little worried about osteoporosis; and I wanted to see if I could do it.

It turns out I could do it. It was actually pretty easy. I didn’t miss it, I didn’t crave it. I had a few sips of the hubs’ coffee and didn’t even really like it. And for more than 2 years I identified myself as someone who didn’t drink caffeine.

About 6 months ago, mostly due to the fact that my office is cold and I was totally over herbal tea (there’s only so much mildly flavored hot water a girl can drink), I reintroduced caffeine. But only in the form of green and white (ok, and a bit of black) tea. I figured the anti-oxidants I was getting counteracted any of the “bad” effects of caffeine. (And to answer your question, yes, I blindly turned my mind from all of the studies espousing the caffeinated beverage, like this one or this one. For more than two years.)

So, I was plugging along quite well with my green and white (and sometimes black) tea. Lots and lots of this tea. Until April. In April I started dreaming about Americano Mistos. A lot. More than three times. (And to answer your question, no, I’m not pregnant). When I wasn’t dreaming about these delicious coffees, I was awake and thinking about them. For almost three weeks. Until I decided I wanted to give in.

The hubs wasn’t sure I should do this. Though he actually sort of wanted me to go back on the good stuff, so we could reprise our morning coffee ritual. But he thought that was pretty selfish, and he told me he wasn’t sure I should do it. Somehow, though, I knew it was time.

So, on May 7, 2011, almost exactly 2 years and 8 months after I went off coffee the hubs and I went to Starbucks and I ordered my very own tall Americano Misto. It was like the orchestra came out and started playing “As If We Never Said Goodbye” from Sunset Boulevard.

Now, to be honest, this may or may not have been related to Glee’s (awesome) rendition the prior week…

To my credit, I did have Glenn Close’s version running through my mind. Especially the verse that goes:

Feel the early morning madness
Feel the magic in the making
Why, everything’s as if we never said goodbye

I’ve spent so many mornings just trying to resist you
I’m trembling now, you can’t know how I’ve missed you

Come. On. How Perfect?

And the song ran through my head for the last month. Every single morning I sing to my coffee. “I’m trembling now, you can’t know how I’ve missed you, Yes everything’s as if, we never said goodbye!” Sometimes it’s a little embarrassing – like in Montreal, where the hubs and I drank delicious coffee at L’Avenue. I don’t think the hubs was a fan of me serenading my mug.

coffee 002

So happy Sunday folks. I’ll be singing to my coffee.

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