travel tuesday (london)

This picture was taken on July 21, 2008 in London.  If your name is Sam (or Graham), you may be wondering how the heck this picture was taken on July 21, 2008 in London, when on July 19, 2008* I was in Vancouver at your wedding and on July 21, 2008 I was flying to Edmonton.  Well, that’s because this picture was taken by the hubs.  I popped home for three weeks in the summer to attend three weddings (he popped home for five days to attend one, different, wedding).  A lot of the pictures in Travel Tuesday were actually taken by the hubs, and a lot were taken by me.  So you, you get to see the best of both worlds.  Quite literally.

*Today just so happens to be July 19, 2011.  So, if your name is Sam (or Graham), this may be your three year anniversary.  Happy Anniversary!  I didn’t even plan this!  No seriously, I slotted in this picture way back in March (yes, I’m very organized) when I didn’t even consider the dates!  Serendipity.

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