Etsy Home Page

I love the ever changing Etsy homepage.  Most days it makes me swoon (not that I check out Etsy every day or anything).  It is always a carefully curated collection of complementary items.  (I should win an alliteration award.)

Side note: I’ve always been fond of the word “alliteration” because it is sort of like a stretched out version of “allison” – if you replaced the “terati” with an “s”.  I’m also crazy.

Yesterday I feel in love with it.  It was so soothing. So calm.  So perfect. It looked like this.

Do you love it too? Do you want to buy any of the things? Like that sweet ring? Or those perfectly hued earnings?

P.S. Kudos to all the sweet Etsy vendors who are also sweet photographers. You make your wares look PRETTY!
P.P.S. On an unrelated note, did you know that HGTV Canada has all of Sarah Richardson online for free? Every single episode of Design Inc., Sarah 101, Sarah’s House, Sarah’s Cottage and other things I’ve never even heard of. Oh yeah, and there are no commercials. Love.

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