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Today, I’m going to tell you about one of my favourite places in Toronto. The St. Lawrence Market. I love it. It feels like a little taste of not North America right smack in the middle of North America. When I ultimately leave Toronto, the St. Lawrence Market will be a thing that I miss. A lot.

Last Saturday at the market we got all sorts of good things. Our favourite bread. A pound of quinoa for $5. Pre-peeled pomegranate arils (I love pomegranates, for pretty pictures of pomegranate and an awesome tutorial for you pomegranate newbies, got check out my sweet internet friend Melissa’s awesome posts). Fresh oysters and an oyster knife from the hubs’ food-for-dudes extravaganza on Saturday night. On sale brie from a cheese shop. More samples of cheese, pasta, bread, fruit, and oysters than we could eat. Delicious macarons. And a fig.


“A fig… as in one fig?”, you say. Yes. One fig. Figs have been all over the blog world this fig season, and they aren’t super cheap. I’ve seen $5 for 3 figs, or on Saturday, $1.25 a fig, so I decided to take the fig plunge and buy a single, solitary fig.

I got it home. Cut it up.


And ate it. And…

it was good. $1.25 for a teensy tiny fruit good? Let’s just say I’d rather spend $2 on a seriously delicious pomegranate.

But all was not for nought. In writing this post I decided I’d opine on what a fig tastes like, but I couldn’t quite remeber. So I asked my friend google who brought me to my favourite random place on the internet, Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! Answers told me that “a fig kind of tastes like an apple and a pear mixed together” and that it is “pretty original…it´s not sweet and its not juicy” or that “Fig tastes like no other fruit, you have to try it to know its real sweet taste and special texture. A little bit like honey.” An apple, pear, not sweet, not juicy, honey like taste. Exactly.

Fig lovers, want to weigh in? While you extol the virtues of your figs, I’ll stick with my macs. Only $0.25 to $0.50 more per item (depending on quantity bought) and


From left to right: Spiced Pumpkin, Vanilla Bean, Pistachio. I love Lemon Tree Patisserie!

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