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As with the rest of this week, this is a pre-programmed post! If all goes according to plan, I’ll be back late Tuesday night with my most epic travel tuesday post yet. If you are very detail oriented, you might notice that Sunday is February 5 and that I owe you my month 4 update on my 30-before-30 project. Because I am working on checking off item 2 of said project, the update will be a few days late!

Happy Friday Friends! So. I’m getting a little tired of pre-programming posts. I apologize! I’m only human. So this one is going to be short. And about things I like on the internet. Let’s go.


This goes without saying. Y’all already know that I’m in love with pinterest. Just check out my pinterest tag.

Moment Junkie

Awesome photojournalistic photos from weddings. Love it.

Doghouse Diaries

The best doghouse diaries are the ones about relationships. Hil-arious.


I mean really, who doesn’t love Facebook? Except those people who don’t.

Pugly Pixel

So many good design and styling resources on pugly pixel.

Adventures in Pink Sugar Land

This project is the successor to the amazing lila was here project from last year.

Young House Love

I just love these guys. And so do like a million other people.

In Jennie’s Kitchen

So sad, but so worth reading.


Ok. Actually I don’t really know much about Google+, this is simply totally cheapto get you to plus one allison suter photography. Please, please, pretty please? It will make the Google gods love me more.

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