travel tuesday :: my new home

Ok. That’s a little bit of a stretch for “travelling”, but what it really means is that you should travel to Vancouver to come visit. I now live in a house that feels like a place where grown-ups live. We’ve got a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom AND a super huge office. And all I’m going to show you today is a picture of tools. How do you like them apples?

Also – I need the internet to tell me whether I need this credenza in my life. It would be my entertainment stand.

In other news, I apologize about my serious lack of posts recently. I’ve been overwhelmed. These are some of the things I’ve been up to:

1) Moving. Our landlord surprised us with an early move in date, which was super sweet. But has meant that I’ve spent the last three days moving rather than doing much work. This has caused the serious serious backlog in my work.

2) Shopping for a couch. Our front door is 31″ wide. This makes shopping for a used couch to fit in my $1,500 decorating budget very very difficult. And very very time consuming.

3) Starting craigslisting for other things (but being so caught up in the couch process that it is hard).

3a) Buying stuff. Cannisters. Drawer Organizers. Cleaning Supplies. Tool box. Bulk foods. Kettle. I don’t know, but somehow this has all added up to about $650 in three days. It makes my wallet hurt.

3b) Budgeting. Because we don’t have a ton of income this year.

4) The start of a busy wedding season, so much shooting, culling, editing, and communicating! But I love it.

5) Dealing with lower body issues before physio coverage runs out. Alternatively titled: not running because I was struck with debilitating pain in my achilles and shins only to learn that my $650 orthotics (including consultation fee) were built by someone who might best be referred to as a quack. I’m looking forward to my new $430 orthotics including consultation fee from someone who inspires confidence and who comes with rave reviews from several friends and local doctors.

6) Joining forces with the hubs and another founder to start building software. I’m involved on a half-time basis. (Herein lies the problem).

7) Planning a girls trip. I know, I know. You don’t feel bad for me. It’s ok.

8) Spending hours (and hours and hours) trying to figure out how to get to our friends’ destination wedding. Did you know if you are picky about dates to Punta Cana it can take 17-26 hours to get there?

9) Catching up with friends. (Sad, I know). This includes scratching “cooking something that takes more than one day” off my 30-before-30 list!

10) Doing relocation chores: dealing with the law societies, getting new licenses, rejoining modo and car2go, getting library cards, etc.

11) Making and managing two gigantic to-do lists. A house projects list and a real list. And I’m going to go get started on those right now.

In any event, I commit to being a better blogger this week, and going forward. For the next couple of weeks I’m going to try something new to see if I can better keep up: On M-W-F I will keep a regular posting schedule and T & T posts will be shorter posts. I really like daily blogging, now let’s see if I can keep up :)

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