crazy hippy hair? not anymore!

The last time I got a haircut was on May 7. “That’s only 6 weeks ago” you’re thinking… And you’re right. But I didn’t get my hair cut on May 7, 2012. Oh no friends… I got it cut on May 7, 2011.

And up until this morning, my hair came past my waist.

Long enough that I felt just a wee bit creepy.

So, today I went for a haircut! (Woohoo!) The goal was to channel some Rachel McAdams. Probably because she’s so pretty.

It seems just a bit softer than the hair I went for last time.

And this, my friends, is where I ended up.

Not bad for a $22 (including tip) haircut from the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy (in the Michael Levine family). If you go before the end of July, ask for Katie. She rules.

Ahh… the difference a day can make:

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    1. I know, right?! So good. The instructors (mostly from Space and Caramel) rotate through, so there is someone super experienced and awesome there approving every step of the way before the student goes on to the next step. It is a little unnerving when your stylist has to go ask a question!
      The other thing about it is it takes a long time. 2.5 hours… for a cut. A really, really good cut… but a cut, nonetheless!

  1. I currently have “crazy hippie hair.” Except for the fact that you are thinner than I am, and that my hair is a bit lighter, we could be twins from the back. :P

    You’ve inspired me to get my hair chopped off.
    My goal was to grow my hair to my waist…which has been accomplished.

    I like the style you got. I have bangs, so my new hairstyle will look a bit different, but I’m going to take in that pic of Rachel for reference on the length!

  2. Yup….got it chopped off! It’s almost just like yours, except I have bangs. I love it! Of course, I had to buy a new curling iron…one with a 2″ barrel…so I could duplicate what my stylist did. But I can also curl it different ways, or scrunch it, or use a flat iron.
    Most of all, just glad to get out of the shower quicker!! And not having to pull my hair out of every piece of clothing I put on! I’m sure you remember those days!!!

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