thai beef and mango salad

I have to say, I’ve been a bit remiss on posting this amazing recipe for thai beef & mango salad.
I found a draft in my drafts folder, from June 1, 2011. You read that right… 2011. So, I’ve been intending on posting about this salad for 383 days.

In any event, now is a great time to post about it. Firstly, since it is my brother’s birthday and he is in Thailand (HBD Dano!) and secondly because we enjoyed this salad again last Friday night. It formed part of a thai-stravaganza, featuring: summer rolls, this salad, red curry, and a tapioca coconut cream desert.

The recipe for this salad comes from the William Sonoma Asian cookbook, which I picked up for about $15 at Safeway in my first year of law school. I selected it because I liked the pictures. That’s how I rolled back then. Ok. still.

It’s super tasty, pretty easy (especially if you prepare the marinade and the dressing the night before), and fun. Who doesn’t love a salad with green, red, and yellow? You could probably make a pretty delicious version of this by marinating and grilling extra firm or pressed tofu as well.

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