30-before-30 (Month 11)

Hi Guys! I missed you! That being said, taking a 10-day break was exactly what I needed to get inspired again!

Now I’m back and ready to roll. And first up: an update on my 30-before-30 project. And guess what! This is Month 11. That’s right, I’ve been chipping away at this list for 11 months. And my 30th birthday is in 25 days. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. I can’t believe the changes that this year has brought. And as we creep towards the big 3-0, I can’t believe how happy I am. The hubs and I were talking about this on Saturday night as we enjoyed one of the most spectacular sunsets we’ve ever seen.

Even though I’m working harder than I’ve ever worked before, I feel like each and every day brings me closer to the life I want to be living. I love being my own boss. I love running my own company(ies). I love building something from the ground up. I love having the flexibility to play tennis on Tuesday morning and go paddleboarding on Friday afternoon. And while I’m terribly nervous that we’ll fail—and that I’ll lose this lifestyle—I know that we’ll make something work. Because we must.

So, with that rambling introduction done, let’s talk about the list! I did a pretty good analysis of the state of the nation last month (and I’m going to go into the real nitty gritty next month) so today I’m simply going to point out the last few things I need to concentrate on to make this year a success.

ONE: Workout Regime

AKA Item 20. I’ve had a lot of false starts on this one this year. Over the course of this month I need to find something that works and give it a good solid start.

TWO: Meals Database

AKA Items 27 & 28. Once again, I’ve had false starts all year long on these items. I’ve got big dreams for how I want them to work. No app (at least that I’ve found to date) meets all my requirements. I don’t really want to learn how to use open office database or pay for filemaker pro. A spreadsheet isn’t good enough.

THREE: Film Camera

AKA: Item 17. I bought a lot of film last month. Now to remember to grab my camera before I go out!

And that’s it. Of my gigantic, insurmountable list of thirty items. I’m down to three (or sort of four) that I really need to concentrate on this month.

And with that… let’s do this!

And tomorrow’s Travel Tuesday post? My friend Jenn and I go to Mendoza. Planning Jenn’s itinerary was just about the best thing ever (you all know how much I love planning things!) I spent several hours roaming the internet for the best prices and the best routes and the best dates for our trips, using sites like Dealchecker.

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