pizza sundays

When we got back from Buenos Aires and stayed with our friends Sam & Graham for about a month we were introduced to the deliciousness that is homemade pizza dough. (I’ve talked a bit about this here).

Since then, homemade pizza has becoming a more and more frequent occurrence in our lives; to the point that we’re having homemade pizza pretty much every Sunday night.

This may seem like a serious endeavour, but in fact it’s actually pretty quick! I make a batch of pizza dough (enough for four crusts) once a month and freeze them in individual airtight tupperware containers after “keyhole-ing” them. If I defrost them for at least 5 hours at room temperature, they work perfectly.

After defrosting our crust, we roll out the dough, top our pizza, and toss it in the super hot oven for a super quick, super delicious Sunday night meal.

Since I last wrote about pizza—I’ve changed my baking technique a bit (Thanks Steph!). I place the rolled dough on the stone and bake for a couple of minutes before taking it out of the oven and adding toppings. While it may not be authentic, it makes for a super crispy and delicious crust.

Yesterday’s pizza was inspired by pinterest (and Joy the Baker). Hot italian sausage, pepper and tomato pizza. We simply fried up the sausage (and drained and blotted it), thinly sliced delicious sweet peppers and tomatoes, and arranged them in a pretty pattern on top of ((good) store-bought) pizza sauce. We topped it off with a bit of mozzarella and tossed it in the oven.

When it came out it was looking delicious. And it tasted even better.

Since I’ve just finished up my last frozen dough, I can’t wait to get my hands on the 3kgs of Tipo 00 pizza flour that Graham picked up for me a few weeks ago!

(See this post for pizza dough recipe, including instructions for freezing.)

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