2013 goals

Hello! See, I told you I’d be back.

So. Let’s talk about my 2013 goals .

I have two.

Image found on Pinterest from Fresh Studio.

Having two goals this year is very different from thirty goals I had in my 30-before-30 project, last year.

And one of this year’s two goals is private (sorry mom; it’s not have a baby).

And having a private goal feels really very different from the public goals I had last year.

The second goal is not to obsess about things. Because you may have noticed that I tend towards the obsessive.

So there you have it. 2013 is about giving myself a break.

(P.S. If you are reading this in your RSS reader, pop on over and check out the blog makeover. A little less fancy, a little easier to maintain. A lot more conducive to more frequent posting).

4 Replies to “2013 goals”

    1. Thanks! It’s funny how wrapped up I was getting in trying to make this blog perfect. I think I just needed to let it go for awhile and come back for a fresh start :)

    1. Thanks Courtney! It’s funny, the more public I make this “go easier on yourself” mantra, the more I’m beginning to think it’s a theme this year. It seems that almost every over-achiever I’ve talked to about this has the same idea :)

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