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The hubs and I started dating in April of 2004. We got married, almost 6 years later, in January of 2010. It was December of 2010 before we had to pick which family (in Edmonton or Ottawa) to spend Christmas with. Let me explain.

Though we were in a long distance relationship in 2004, it was early, neither one of us thought much about not spending the holidays together. For Christmases 2005 to 2007 we were living in Vancouver. We thought it was a little selfish for either one of us not to go visit our own families for the holidays, since we spent all of our time together for the rest of the year. In 2008 both of our families came and met us in Australia for a Pelensky-Suter extravaganza on board the Ileola in the Whitsundays. In 2009, just days before our wedding, we each spent one last Christmas alone with our families before the Suters packed up and joined us in Edmonton for the pre-wedding festivities. So there you have it. 6 years of relationship, never having to pick which family to Christmas with.

Following the wedding though, we knew that wouldn’t cut it anymore. We kinda wanted to spend Christmas (and the hubs’ birthday) together. When I talked the hubs into getting married in Edmonton, I agreed that the first year we could got to Ottawa and spend the holidays with his parents. After that, we would rotate. 100% fair. Of course, as Christmas drew nearer (okay, in July) I started to get more and more worried about not spending Christmas with my family. The Pelensky Christmases are rambunctious affairs at the family cabin with 25 people aged 0 to 85; none of whom would ever win a quiet award. Christmas in Ottawa was going to be the four of us. And I was so worried about being lonely. Enter Antigua.

In September, I suggested to the hubs that we go to Antigua for the holidays with his parents. His mom spent her formative years in Antigua, where her father opened a hotel and a golf course. We found perfect little bungalows. The Suters loved the idea. And there you have it. The recipe for the holidays in Antigua.

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If you go to Antigua, I highly recommend the sights around Nelson’s Dockyard. Its amazing.

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My favourite image from the trip. It will probably end up on our walls somewhere.

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My mother-in-law’s father was an avid shell collector, he spent hours combing the Antiguan beaches with his children finding unique shells. Upon his passing, he bequeathed his shell collection to the viewpoint at Shirley’s Heights, where it still sits today.

antigua-family-vaction 06

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In fact, he discovered a shell which was named after him.

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By nature, I’m a fairly early riser. The sunrises at our cottages were amazing.

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Antigua provides beautiful beaches and costal walks.

antigua-family-vaction 12

But you need to watch out for the waves!

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And then there is devil’s bridge. ¬†Awesome.

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All in all, it was a lovely holiday.

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  1. Amazing Blog Al! I’ve spent a couple hours of this hangover afternoon just going through it and was so engaged the whole time. Nice work!

    1. Hey Dorothy! Thanks for you awesome comment! I hope all (other than the hangover at least) is going well with you still!!

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