closet makeover

We have a teensy tiny little closet in our teensy tiny bedroom.   The closet is so teensy tiny, in fact, that the hubs’ clothes live in our front hall closet; furthermore, its folding mirrored closet door is too big and makes it very hard to get into the back of the closet.   Plus, the configuration of our bedroom (as of right now, the only workable configuration) makes both the mirror and the closet somewhat useless.

Here is a visual representation of all of the problems going on with the closet.

closet redo 001

This is me, and more evidence of just how teensy tiny the space is.

closet redo 002

Needless to say, this closet has irritated me for awhile. But its only been in the last couple of weeks that I have really been thinking about what to do about it. My first thought was that our landlord shouldn’t have built in a closet and instead should have installed some low profile ikea wardrobes.

This would have been ideal. However, this is a rental condo and I’m not about to knock down the walls and spend the big bucks on a wardrobe. It’s just not going to happen. Also, I’m pretty sure my landlord is quite fond of her built in closet that transforms what is technically a studio apartment into a one bedroom.

Then, a couple of weekends ago, I woke up and knew what to do. All it took was grabbing a screwdriver, unscrewing two screws.

closet redo 003

And removing the closet door.

closet redo 004

It’s amazing.  Even my steamer fits better in this configuration.  The last two updates are to add a super cool fabric curtain (a la YHL) and update my hangers to those fancy slim ones for a more polished effect.

closet redo 006

And the mirrored closet door? It now lives on the bedroom wall and is super useful!  Excuse the not-so-goodness of the following picture.

closet redo 005

Check back soon to see the final closet reveal, complete with fancy fabric!

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    1. I’m sort of kind of glad I don’t have a big closet. I’m worried I would just fill it up!! I wish there was good space for my shoes, though.

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