beer bread

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I discovered Gabrielle of Honest Fare’s recipe for Beer Bread in a roundabout way through pinterest.   (Yet another reason why I love pinterest).

I’ve never made bread before, unless standing around while my best friend’s mom made bread with her bread maker counts… At the best of times, I’m not much of a baker so I really didn’t foresee myself EVER making bread. Until this delicious looking bread and this little quote caught my eye:

Bread scares me. Not eating it. It’s the making of it that I’m terrified of. Floored with fear, I tell you. The whole yeast thing gets me. It seems too temperamental and unforgiving. Then there’s the kneading and waiting… Au contraire—there’s beer bread.

Hmm. Me too! And if she could do it, maybe I could do it after all. And the recipe is dead simple. Grab a beer, some flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, butter, and a loaf pan then pre-heat your oven and you are good to go. And this is your result.

beer-bread-grilled-cheese 003

Tasty delicious beer bread. Bread that makes your husband swoon. Bread that is so easy and so delicious that I even made a second loaf as a hostess gift for a dinner party that night.

[Side note: That all being said… I attempted take 2 using a Coronoa while in La Quinta last weekend. Miserable failure. It just didn’t really cook through, and after over an hour, I gave up and pulled it out of the oven. Unfortunately, I’m not enough of a baker to know quite what went wrong; was it the altitude? the amount of beer? different hoppiness? the dryness of being in the desert? I don’t really know. And I was on vacation so I wasn’t about to try it a second time. However, my advice remains: if loaf # 1 doesn’t work… try again with a different beer. It’s totally worth it. ]

We used said beer bread to make the world’s most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. Once more, inspired by Honest Fare.

beer-bread-grilled-cheese 004

beer-bread-grilled-cheese 005

My grilled cheese differed from Gabrielle’s in that I didn’t add mustard (not a fan), I fried (but did not caramelize) my onions, and I added some spinach for a little bit of green! These were one of the best Saturday lunches we have ever had.



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