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I’m super pumped to get my new camera bag in action at an engagement shoot Saturday morning!   I’ve been looking for a new camera bag for quite a while.

Two popular solutions just don’t work for me.  While I love Kelly Moore’s bags, they cost $200 – $250 and they don’t have quite the versatility I’m looking for.  The velcro inserts in Kelly’s bags only work at pre-determined places, meaning you can’t fully customize your bag.  Furthermore, until recently, Kelly didn’t have a girl’s bag that could carry a laptop.  That just got released (yay!) but it is huge (I’m 5’1″) and it it costs $250 (boo!).  I’ve been using a shootsac knock off for awhile now, and while there is some good, I find it really hard to use.

Long story short, I’ve been on the lookout for a new, good looking bag, for awhile.  When I couldn’t find one, I decided to peek outside the box, and I came up with what appears to be an awesome solution!

Enter the Roxy Figment Bag (on sale for $30) and the Temba insert ($20).   A grand total of $50!

They fit together like nobody’s business.  And, because the Roxy Figment Bag is a funky girl’s bag, it continues to look like a funky girls bag! And my macbook air fits in sungly between the side of the bag and the insert!  I’ll report back with pictures and a review… (including a review of whether or not the hubs’ 15″ macbook pro fits in there) but for now, I’m super pumped and I think I’ve found a winner!


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