arugula apple salad

This is a tasty salad and chicken schnitzel combo I came across about a year ago on Epicurious.  The original salad recipe calls for frisee and belgian endive.  The first time I made it I substituted arugula for both because my grocery store doesn’t carry either frisee or beligian endive.  Lame, I know.  A few months later, I was able to try the recipe as originally concocted, and you know what?  It just didn’t work for me, but my arugula substitution?  Delicious!

This recipe would be the very best in the early fall when the apples are at their very best. However, it is also a welcome change from the heavy winter meals on those first early days of spring.

The schnitzel requires a bit of work, especially if you pound your chicken and make your own breadcrumbs, which I (rarely) do. I actually slice my chicken in half lengthwise in order to make it about half thickness. I find this works out very well and saves me so much time. Does anyone know of a “foodie” reason why I shouldn’t be doing it this way? (I had a few pictures of the chicken cutlets, but they look like raw, breaded, chicken, I’m going to let you use your imagination on that one!)

The salad is easy. Just prepare your dressing, slice up your apple into matchsticks and your radishes into rounds.

food 006

food 008

Mix it all up with your dressing and your arugula.

food 009

And serve with the schnitzel. Delicious.

food 011

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