best of {take 10}

As I’ve mentioned a few times, work’s been crazy and we just got back from a whirlwind weekend to New York [post coming soon(ish)]!  I was quite impressed with myself for only being a day late with my ‘best of’ post this week.  Quite impressed, that is, until I went looking for last week’s post and realized it never materialized.  So, here we are, one week and one day late, with my favourite things from the internet!  I kind of like this freedom.  I might get all willy nilly on the best of posts :)  I’m crazy like that!

Coconut coconut coconut coconut… in Thailand.  What could be better?  Travel.  Eat.  All in one. So good.

Siege Fenetre (i.e., Window Seat).  Photograph and Travel.  All in one.   Also so good.

So much cute yellow!  And a California pillow!  Decorate and Travel.  All in one.  So good!

And last, but definitely not least, this was going to be last week’s travel post until I forgot.  I seriously (seriously) want to be 1/2 as cool as Christine and Drew when I grow up.  Since recently, I’ve wanted to go to India, in a seriously bad way!

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