best of {take 11}

Last week I alluded to the fact that the “best of” series is becoming less of a weekly round up of the best blog posts on the web and more of a random occurrence when I see something (or some things) that I really really like. It’s still going to focus on super blog posts, but every once in awhile (like today) the series will go off on a totally different tangent!

Today, I logged into my etsy account for the first time in awhile, and I remembered how cute most of my “favourites” are. I also realized just how perfectly pastel-y they are for Easter. So today, I present my 12 most recent etsy favourites!

DelicacyJ | LBCPaper | Walrus Studio | plastique

lovestitched | crackeddesigns | allspots | JewleryHoldersForYou

HoneyPieDesign | littlebrownpen | littlebrownpen | PianoBenchDesigns

Aren’t they all cute?

I also want to introduce you to a really neat feature from amazon that you might not know about. It’s called the “Universal Wish List“, and its not limited to items from amazon, but instead lets you tag things from all over the web! You can then share these things with your friends and family (and blog readers) too! It’s perfect for birthdays, holidays, and maybe even random presents cause people think you are cute and would look really really good in that bird necklace….

And it’s so easy to use. Sign up for a wish list from your amazon account, and then instal the extension for your browser.

Then when you browsing the web and come across something you like, click on the button on your bookmarks bar and it will automatically add it to your wishlist – with your own comments! This list is totally not necessary in your life, but it so nice to have when people as you what you want for your birthday! Score!

That’s all for today folks! Happy Easter! Happy wishing!

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