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I’m not sure where you are from, but here it Toronto, it doesn’t feel much like spring. In fact it still feels like winter. Biting winds, sleet, snow, and days where it is 0C (32F).

A few weeks ago, however, we had a couple of nice days, so I decided to celebrate the spring and make something “springy” — like these falafel burgers from Oh She Glows, which she adapted from Savvy Eats. And unlike the other delicious falafel that I make, these burgers are baked, not fried! Healthy Score!

110322 falafel burgers 009

Delicious looking, right?

It all starts with some chickpeas. I’m a recent convert to cooking with dried legumes. And these chickpeas just solidified my conversion. They were delicious. I was seriously eating them by the handful. So, if you haven’t tried cooking from dried before, what are you waiting for? I know of at least three converts in my life so far! If you try it, stop by and leave me a note to let me know how it went!

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These falafels are super easy because most of the ingredients get ground up in your blender (or food processor).

110322 falafel burgers 005

If you are a person who knows about my carrot allergy,* you may be looking at that blender in fear… Don’t worry, the proteins in the carrots change when I bake the falafel, and they are totally edible by yours truly.

*If you are not a person who knows about my carrot allergy, that is a story of another day. Long story short, I have oral allergy syndrome.

110322 falafel burgers 010 copy

The recipe calls for all of the ingredients (including the flour) to be blended together in a food processor. I got all the way up to adding half the flour, when I realized I was probably pushing my blender too hard. So, instead I mixed in the remaining flour and the paprika in a cute blue mixing bowl.

For some reason I didn’t take a picture of preparing the falafels to be baked. Close your eyes and imagine raw falafel patties on a baking sheet covered in parchment paper. You got it! And here they are cooked.

110322 falafel burgers 007

I served them with fresh buns from the St. Lawrence Market, a little bit of grated mozzarella, slices of avocado, a big piece of mealy tomato (which I promptly removed; lesson learned… again… don’t add tomato unless it is the summer), a handful of arugula, and a generous splash of Frank’s.

110322 falafel burgers 008

Those are the hubs’ cuticles. ┬áMine are in much better shape.


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