mushroom lasagna

Are you looking for a bechamel based lasagna? Look no further. Seriously, this recipe from smitten kitchen, which she adapted, only a little, from Ina Garten, is delicious.

I’ve made this lasagna twice. The first time, I made it for a girlfriend and followed the recipe, almost exactly. The second time, I made it for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and added asparagus. I wouldn’t do that again. So, while there are pictures of asparagus in this blog post – I highly recommend not using them… lasagna needs to cook too long for asparagus to the crisp-ness that makes them delicious.

The recipe calls for cremini or portobello mushrooms, I used both. (Please excuse the disco lighting in this image. I’m not sure what was going on there…)

031127 Mushroom Asparagus Lasagna 001

Rather than using dried lasagna, I used fresh lasagna for this pasta and I seriously think it made the dish. It also made the dish way easier. And yes that is a super cute gingham apron (from etsy) I am wearing.

031127 Mushroom Asparagus Lasagna 002

This is me in full on lasagna preparing mode. I asked the hubs to do some photography of me for this dish!

031127 Mushroom Asparagus Lasagna 003

Each layer of lasagna called for one super big lasagna noodle, a coat of bechamel sauce, fried mushrooms, and parm. That’s it. (Well, except for the asparagus time….)

031127 Mushroom Asparagus Lasagna 005

Yes, I am preparing the lasagna on the kitchen table, I’m a little short for the counters sometimes.

Doesn’t this look simply delicious? But remember, even though the asparagus looks good, go with just plain mushroom. I promise, you are in for a culinary delight!

031127 Mushroom Asparagus Lasagna 004

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