time travel: banned

If you know me well, you might know that I have only one phobia. And that is of time travel. Yes. I know. I can hear you stifling your giggle over there. But in all honesty, the whole idea of time travel just scares the be-jesus out of me. I can’t even really expand on why it scares me so much, because it causes me anxiety to think about it much.

When I was young my dad tried to make me watch the Back To The Future trilogy… I had to run away for some (ok, most) parts. Now I miss so many Back To The Future references in pop culture, it is ridiculous.

And it’s not only Back To The Future. One of my mom’s favourite books is The Time Travellers Wife, but she knows I can’t read it, which makes her sad. But truly I can’t. I don’t even know what the plot of the book is, but even thinking about what it could be makes me jittery.

Ok, you think I’m crazy. I’m used to it. And I understand that time travel is not real. Really, I do. But I still can’t deal with it. I’m getting all fluttery just typing this post. My leg is jiggling like cr-azy. And I’m sitting on a wobbly chair. Not a good combo.

So, it caused me great joy a couple of weeks ago when I learned from Sally (the most hilarious unbrave girl) that China has banned time travel. Yes, that is right. China has banned time travel.

I’m pretty sure there is some sort of explanation (but as you now know, I can’t do much reading on the topic). I’m sure this banning of time travel makes you think China is crazy. Fair enough. But it makes me love China even more. I’ve travelled a lot thought China; south-west China is up there with my favourite places in the whole world to travel. But now, oh happy day, I know I have a kindred spirit in China (at least where time-travel is concerned). And one day, if — god forbid — someone actually travels through time, I know where I’m going. And the dumplings are pretty good too.

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  1. China IS crazy. But at least now we don’t have to worry about China traveling into the future or past & bringing the crazy with them… although it would be cool if dumplings could time travel… or at least travel from the food stall in town directly to my apartment door (without my having to move or use any Chinese language to make that happen.) :)

    1. For some reason I’m ok with teleportation; I’d love it if I could teleport me to China for some dumplings (it’s better than my home in Toronto, really). I actually got around quite well in China knowing how to say jiaozi, xie xie, and the chinese words for booking the top bunk in a sleeper car (which I sadly don’t remember, seeing as it’s been almost six years since I was last in China.

      Yum…. jiaozi. My lunch seem much less exciting in comparison.

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