falafel with avocado spread

So…I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been busy. I’ve also not been posting that much, a clear indication of busy. But in the last couple of weeks I have come to realize that in keeping a personal blog, and in posting a lot of the meals that I cook on such blog, the whole world knows what I’m eating when I’m eating it. And, when I’m not posting food, the whole world could probably deduce that lately I’ve been eating out or eating pre-packaged food (gasp) … a lot. And it’s surprisingly embarrassing. I don’t even really like eating out and I really don’t like most pre-packaged food; even my 27-year love affair with KD has come to an end.

I’ve actually cooked a reasonable amount in the last little while, but several of our meals have been taken after 9:30pm, and by that point I’m so hungry that the last thing I’ve felt like doing is whipping out my camera to blog about them. But on Friday night, I realized this had to come to an end. I need to post a meal. So, at our late dinner (10:22, but don’t feel too bad for me, we went to a patio to drink a strongbow before coming home) I whipped out my iPhone and captured a few shots of our delicious falafel so I could blog it.

A few months ago, I posted a recipe for a falafel burger on the blog; today’s falafel is like the burger’s wild younger brother. It includes lots of cheese and is fried, which make it crispy and melty and delicious. And it is served in mini-pitas. Who doesn’t like mini-pitas? (I realize now that the iPhone shot doesn’t quite demonstrate the scale, trust me, these are mini-pitas).

This is a super quick and easy recipe that is at least somewhat healthy and can be whipped together in under a half an hour. So you can make it too.

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    1. Thanks Carrie! In the last couple of days I’ve finally begun to feel like things are calming down! Or, at least I’m learning how to function in this altered reality!

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