on failure (again)

Happy Victoria Day / Regular Monday (depending where you are), people! We’re in Montreal for the weekend, and it has been beautiful! But now I’m going to fill your souls up with some deep reading. But, let’s start by telling you that last weekend on the train ride to Ottawa to visit the in-laws, I wrote an excellent post (if I do say so myself) about failure.

Remember way back on April 1st when I told you about my photo a day challenge for April? And then remember in mid-April when I told you it wasn’t going that well, but that I would report back? And then remember how I didn’t report back and now it is mid-May? Well, that excellent post I wrote last weekend explained a lot. It was honest and it was deep. It was very well written (here I go again with the pats on the back). In all seriousness, it was about failure. More specifically, it was about how I failed, and how hard it was for me to deal with this failure. It was about how I hoped this failure would make me stronger. And I was so excited (and a little bit nervous) to share it with you.

But before I had a chance to upload my post, my hard drive failed. Wop-wop. Stupid failure. Getting in the way all the time.

So, we will have to make do with this somewhat less-excellent post, which I am writing on the train to Montreal. To be totally honest, my photo a day challenge wasn’t a complete and total failure. I actually took several neat pictures in the month. I just didn’t take one every day.

So, not 30, but at least a few good ones!

And you know what I realized last week as I wrote the post? I realized that I should give myself a break. So no, I’m not going to start my photo a day challenge again (yet). I’ve already bitten off more than I can chew — I am a lawyer, I run a photography business, I write a blog, I cook and I clean, I travel, I do yoga, I really want to start running again, and I would like to spend at least some time this summer drinking beer on patios. So, instead of picking myself up, brushing myself off and trying again I’m taking a step back and I’m going to breathe. And I’m so excited.

P.S.  All you moms out there who work and blog and be moms… you are my idol.  Seriously.

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