experiment in colour film

Remember about 6 weeks ago I told you about my new film camera? The Nikon FM, a fully manual camera. This camera is not only manual exposure, but manual focus. I know that I’m comfortable shooting manual exposure, because I shoot almost entirely in manual during photoshoots and at weddings. One of the really cool things about getting the roll back was realizing I do “get” exposure (or at least how to use my light meter). Other than the “accidental” shots, the roll was mostly perfectly exposed (I like a wee-bit of overexposed in my images).

My biggest problem: focus. This image of the hubs is a perfect example.


You can see that I just missed it. The plane of focus is across his shoulders and his wrist. What would have been an awesome portrait of my hubby (probably my favourite image from the roll) turned into something a bit unusable :( But it is good learning. And, quite honestly, by the end of my black and white roll, which won’t be ready until tomorrow, I was feeling a lot more comfortable with the focusing features of my camera! So, I’m excited to get that one back! For now, I leave you with some of my faves! Thoughts, critiques, anything else?


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  1. Lovely pictures! I love the tone to the Portra… I’m wondering where you had Your roll(s) processed/scanned? Finding a good lab in Canada seems to be harder than I expected (I’m just getting back into film too.) Thank you!

    1. Hi Megan – So far, I’ve got my film and got it processed at Downtown Camera in Toronto. The two rolls so far (1 film and 1 B&W) have turned out great – I think :)

      I’ve also heard good things, from people who’ve been back at it longer than me, about a few places in Toronto: Toronto Black and White and West Camera (Queen and Portland).

      Hope that helps (though it might not help elsewhere in the country!)

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