30-before-30 (month-3)

December 5 to January 5 was a big, big month for me, and I apologize for posting this a day late! As you know, we’ve been in transit and yesterday we shot a pre-wedding barbeque for our January 7 wedding couple!

In the first quarter of the year, I’ve come a long way on my 30-before-30 goals, and I can’t wait to take it even further!

As usual with the monthly updates, I’m going to just talk about the items upon which I’ve made some strides this month.

How I’m doing:

Item 1: Start Project the Rest of My List.

As I’ve told you before, it’s so started. Today I’m in Uruguay, getting ready to shoot a wedding. Rest of my life, here I come!

Item 2: Go to Antarctica, the last continent.

As I mentioned last month, I’ve prepared an email to send to several tour operators. I’m going to do so in a couple of days. We can leave any day after about January 15th. I. Can’t. Wait.

Item 3. Photograph my grandparents in a “Love” session

I took these cute pictures of my grandparents. And I told them I’m going to photograph them this summer. Now, here’s to convincing them to let me actually do it! Otherwise, I’m going to sneak in cute pictures of them whenever I can.


Item 4: Book and shoot at least 10 15 weddings as the primary photographer.

I’ve got 12 weddings booked so far! Here’s to pushing the advertising and the word of mouth to book three (or even more) more weddings! I should have made the goal of becoming an “international wedding photographer”. After tomorrow’s Punta Del Este wedding, I will be a bona fide international wedding photographer!

Item 8: Convince my brother to let me plan his wedding.

I helped him find several venues to check out while he was in Vancouver. I also photographed their engagement session on Tuesday. I’m well on the way to becoming the “official” wedding person.

Item 9: Get back out to the mountains for more skiing.

Well, I can officially say that I will have failed at least one item on the list. I hoped to spend two days skiing in Banff over the holidays this year. Turns out running my own business and preparing to move to Buenos Aires took up all my time that wasn’t family time over the holidays, and I couldn’t make it out.

Item 18: Be Less Afraid

I’m drafting this post on January 3 on an airplane to move to Buenos Aires. I’m nervous, I’m fidgety, but I’m excited. I would say, I’m covering some serious ground on this one. I’m updating this post on the 6th, I can say that every day since we’ve arrived in South America, I’m pushing the envelope to be less afraid.

Item 20: Workout Regime

I’ve bought the TRX. My ankle is feeling good. It’s a new year. Fitness is on the table as a must do for once we are settled in our Buenos Aires apartment.

Item 21: Do a 365 project

I seriously think I’m stuck at 20 out of 30 or 31 pictures a month. This month, again, I got images 20 days. I will technically fail my 365 project, but I can still get better at it!

Item 25: Interview influential wedding photographers.

I had my first interview the week before I left Toronto! I’ve got to find a lab to develop my film when I get to BA, and finish writing up the post, but I’ve officially started Item 25!

Item 29: One food post a week.

This month I took a two week blog-cation! So I really only needed to post two food posts, and I did! Ten. Eleven.

Item 30: Spend more time in AB with friends and family.

I seriously rocked this one this month. From December 16th to January 3rd, every single day was spent with friends and family. I got to see all the new and not so new babies and kiddos in my life. I got to see some long lost friends. I got to see four of my friends new (or new-ish) homes, I hadn’t been to before. I got to spend the holidays with my family at the cabin (all 23 of us). I got to hang out with my mom, dad, Dan, Paul and my hubby in La Quinta. It’s been a wonderful 2.5 weeks.

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