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We haven’t even arrived in Argentina yet (we are in Uruguay until this evening) and already I’m writing about the asado (Argentine barbeque). Like in Canada and the U.S., where barbeque means both the grill itself and the act of having a barbeque, so in Argentina can asado mean both as well.

We experienced our first Argentine asado on our trip to Argentina in April 2009. The Inta Huasi Hostel in Salta put (or possibly still puts) on a weekly bbq for its guests, and it was delicious and so much fun. In Iguazu Falls we tried our own asado. That was a little more difficult. You can read more about both of those asado experiences on our travel blog!

On Saturday, we shot a wedding in Punta del Este, and on the Thursday before that, we shot their pre-wedding asado, hosted by the groom’s Argentine family, along with a “love session”. Morgan (a Canadian) and Agustin (an Argentine) are the kind of warm and welcoming people that are amazing to work with. So welcoming that they invited us to join them in devouring the delicious meat on offer.

Asado is serious business in Argentina, the grill (often the size of a twin bed) is prepared over a wood burning fire for hours prior to eating.



The asado on Thursday included bife de lomo (tenderloin), chorizo (sausage), and … wait for it … chinchulines (small intestine).


Yes that’s right friends. An indespensible part of the Argentine asado is offal. Often a parrillada (mixed grill) at a restaurant will also include sweetbreads, kidney and liver. While I’m not such a fan of those three, I haved to admit that when crisped to perfection, chinchulines are quite delicious! (They are pictured in the right of the image below).


In addtion to your meats, often nowadays an asado will include salads and sauces. I’m not going to talk to you about chimichurri, a delicious mix of parsley, lemon, garlic, and chilli, today. It’s so delicious it deserves it’s own post.

We felt so lucky to be part of such an authentic (and delicious) experience. And can’t wait for our next delicious meat and fun asado.


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